3G and 4G Network Facilities Solution


Our high quality solutions are industry standard and compliant - for voice, video, data communications and Internet service provision. Servicing all standard consumer devices – handsets, tablets and USB modems etc.

Our solution includes RAN coverage, switching, backhaul and interconnection with existing Core networks.

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Wireless Backhaul Links Solution

The term Backhaul is commonly used to mean getting voice and data traffic to a point from which it can be distributed over a network. Wireless backhaul carries voice and data traffic from Mobile Cellular and ISP fixed sites, to the Core networks of Telecom Operators and the PoPs of ISPs.

We provide a high data bandwidth and cost-effective solution for wireless and mobile backhaul. Applications of our solution includes:

Backhauling is provided in the categories of microwave, TDM & ATM, pseudowire and All-IP RAN.

The backhauling of these applications - from a network edge, to Core or Internet PoPs, requires a comprehensive strategy. Often requiring redundancy, low latency, high security and transparency.

Our backhaul architecture consists of either one, or a combination of more than one, transport mechanism.

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Network Capacity Management / Data-Offloading Solution

Data networks and increasingly Diameter Networks are key to successful mobile data business models.

Operators need to give careful consideration to their Diameter architecture. The architecture choices they make today, will not only impact how well their networks perform, but ultimately will dictate success or failure in the Mobile Data market.

New Diameter Networks allow providers to personalise data-packages, whilst at the same time maximising their monetising of data services - and managing the rapid growth in Diameter signaling and data traffic.

These outcomes are achieved through the use of ‘gateways’ (GGSN gateways for 3G networks and Packet gateways for LTE 4G networks) - to give access to the ‘Policy Servers’, ‘Subscriber Databases’ and ‘Charging Systems’ – which are connected using a ‘Diameter Signaling Routers’.

Our Managed Service of traffic routing and re-routing can help overcome many of the challenges – and facilitate significant increases in revenue.

All of our Solutions are provided under high GoS service level contracting.

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