Emergency Telecommunications Managed Service

Our scalable, adaptive and cost-effective disaster relief Emergency Communications service enables rescue and relief authorities - and personnel - to command, control and communicate urgent information - quickly and efficiently. Doing so using TETRA and other ‘walkie talkie’ formats, to help to save lives and protect property.

All equipment and systems are located onboard. They are self-contained and we can operate 24/7 relay operations.

In addition to being able to connect trunk radio networks, our service can connect the standard consumer-devices of the general public, businesses and public services.

This capability can help to save lives and to maintain normal economic and social activities, during times of disaster, by enabling people to be able to continue to communicate effectively.

Each Network Coverage Area of our service has a ground footprint of up to 400km diameter - hence covering 125,000 km2. An area large enough to service the entire island of Ireland - or all of Bulgaria - by way of examples.

Our Emergency Communications networks may be deployed as an additional resource for Public Protection Disaster Relief (PPDR) operations, during large-scale emergencies and disasters caused by nature, accidents or human activity.

Our networks can be deployed as reinforcing radio-communications after an incident - from the crucial first four hours - to medium and long term support - during periods of restoration, repair and redevelopment, of the normally operating local terrestrial networks.

In addition to supporting, as rapid reinforcing and traffic re-routing Communication Solutions, onboard high-resolution imaging sensors, location and navigation equipment, can provide highly reliable continuity of observation. Doing so over a wide range of emergency situations, offering timely information and data-resolutions simply not achievable via satellites.

Using dedicated HAPS networks for PPDR our service offers:

Network Capacity-Management / Data-Offloading - Managed Service

We acknowledge that with increasing subscriber numbers, and smart-phone usage, voice and data networks are increasingly coming under strain – and they are not always able to efficiently manage traffic, and fully monetise all opportunities.

For example, legacy Diameter deployments often lack the scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness to enable operators to monetise all traffic. To convert traffic into revenues, service providers need new Diameter networks, that are optimised for the All-IP world.

We direct data traffic to the ‘gateways’ (GGSN gateways for 3G networks and Packet gateways for LTE 4G networks) of our customers - so that this data can then be efficiently handled within Packet Cores.

Our service enables them to optimise their network performance. As our customers manage rapid growth, in signaling and data traffic, they can enjoy flexibility in their choice of Diameter architecture.

Our service enables Telecom Operators and ISPs to efficiently direct and redirect traffic - in support of personalised data services, and successful mobile data and monetising business models.

Wireless Backhaul Managed Service

Our backhaul service offer high-capacity transport capability and flexibility, in support of both new and existing network infrastructure.

We appreciate that not all traffic can be treated in the same way, over a backhaul network – and that a comprehensive backhaul strategy, that addresses all aspects of traffic is needed.

The service enables customers to enhance delivery of their service provisioning - whilst minimise backhaul cost (both capex and opex).

The service allows customers to extends network coverage, to remote areas at reduced cost; and to ‘future-proof’ their evolving 3G, 4G and other wireless networks.

Features include:

Our service supplements terrestrial and satellite backhaul infrastructure, and it extends network reach - into territories where deploying fiber or fixed microwave links are not cost effective.

Under our SLA commitments, our multi-traffic service transports traffic to the selected destinations, at affordable cost.

Strategic Consulting Service

In the rapidly advancing field of information and communication technologies, we have significant technology expertise, market insight and experience, in providing practical, objective and long-term strategic advice. We provide strategic, policy-level and implementation level input, across all the elements of Infrastructure deployment and use.

We can support our customers in the development of strategic business cases, focusing on economic, financial, commercial and social cases - to form and inform basis for decision-making.

Towards the delivery of intelligent:

We offer end-to-end support, for objectives to be translated into successful outcomes.

Including in the areas of:

We have proven methodologies, a holistic framework approach, and we follow a well structured approach.

We can provide solutions and services - to meet the demanding requirements of enterprises, not-for profit organisations and governments around the world.

Our input can help organisations to clarify – and to constructively challenge - their objectives, their assumptions and their target outcomes. Following which we continue to support our customers - all the way through to ‘job done’.

Network Planning & Design Service

Our customers have specific challenges and opportunities, and therefore they require specifically tailored solutions. We work together with our customers to plan and design each tailored solution;

We plan and design to ensure that shared-services from our Haps networks can operate as either ‘stand alone’ solutions. Or in interface with and augmenting, existing networks.

We take fully into account the activation-deadline-dates of each solution, all planned upgrades, optimisations and subsequent network scaling and new retail services.

Our activities include:

System Configuration Service

Our HAPS Network services are tailored to suite each customer.

We work with our customers in developing onboard and gateway system architecture, based on:

Our customers commonly first engage us on Strategic Consulting and/or our Network Planning & Design Services. During which their particular objectives and System Configuration are fully defined.

Following which activity, QucomHaps then develops, supplies and integrates the selected System Configuration - of ‘onboard’ HAPS Service modules. The communication systems are designed in modular format, to allow ease of integration of all systems.

Network Integration Service

Our HAPS Network services are tailored to suite each customer. The Network includes connection with Ground Transmission Gateways, the customer’s Core network, PoPs and also the HAPS Network Management System.

Our service includes:

QucomHaps develops, supplies and integrates all the required Ground Transmission Gateways, related systems and NMCs.