Emergency Telecommunications Solution

Our disaster relief radio communication solutions connects Digital Trunk Radio systems (TETRA and others) - and also standard 3G and 4G handsets and devices.

HAPS networks can be deployed as rapid, reinforcing and traffic re-routing communication solutions; during large-scale emergencies and disasters caused by nature, accidents or human activity.

These solutions can be deployed from the crucial first four hours, for medium and long-term support - during periods of restoration and repair of local terrestrial networks.

If required, our HAPS Platforms can be kept in position, all the way through the reconstruction and redevelopment phases.

Our solution is achieved via the conjunction of aircraft, software defined base-stations/e-node-b’s, software defined switching and duplex link antenna. Equipment and systems are located onboard the airborne, self-contained, operating Haps Platforms operating in 24/7 relay where required.

The two-way links are connected, to and from, our HAPS Platforms via:

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Earth Observation & Environment Monitoring Solutions

Our HAPS Platforms carrying onboard remote sensing, high-resolution Imaging sensors, Location, and Navigation equipment can provide highly reliable continuity of observation solutions. Providing solutions over a wide range of emergency situations and commercial activities.

Our solutions offer timely information and data-resolutions, that are simply not achievable via satellites alone.

Each of our service Observation Areas can cover 125,000 km2 (200km radial).

HAPS Platforms can provide real time mapping and data collection 24/7 over regions of interest. Civil Security Network applications include:

Sensors, Equipment and Systems include:

All of our Solutions are provided under high GoS service level contracting.

Detail of our Service