QucomHaps uses new manufactured M55 aircraft, which make long-term flights in the stratosphere at an altitude of up to 20 km.

The piloted and twin-engined M55s have a solid record of reliable operation, in all climatic zones around the world. The original ‘work-horse’ design accommodates a large volume, heavyweight payload of communications equipment - which operate independently of the aircraft flight systems.

The HAPS Platforms operate in seamless 24/7 relay.

The Payloads includes:

  • QucomHaps has partnered with established aircraft manufacturers and maintenance service providers - with long experience in building and maintaining aircraft fleets. As part of our Managed Services all engineering, operations and maintenance aspects of HAPS Platforms are managed by QucomHaps.Specialised very high gain and multi-beam smart digital antennae – both forward and backhaul links
  • Software defined radio BTS, e Node B and RNC server farms
  • Software defined switching
  • Digital broadcast transmission equipment
  • Location-base equipment
  • Time synchronisation equipment
  • Digital signal processing