Challenges and Opportunities

With technical advances in mobile devices, including increased memory capacity and advance display technologies, mobile terminals have becomes a point of convergence.

Devices can now receive live services and new types of content, for a wide array of live digital services - such as news, weather information, sports events and emergency information.

Download broadcast to devices includes: music, games, education material, movies, TV shows, e-newspapers and e-books.

The convergence of the smart-phone and broadcast industries is driving the provision of new services to end-users.

IP-based delivery of mobile TV through 3G and 4G wireless cellular networks carries inherent ‘subscriber number’ limitations. Due mainly to the high bandwidth required for mass streaming of TV and video feeds.

Digital Broadcasters face considerable cost and logistical implications associated with rolling out - and then operating - traditional broadcast networks. This is a particular challenge in many rural and remote areas.

Benefits and Value

Benefits and value of our Digital Broadcasting Solutions and Services include:

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