QucomHaps was founded in 2005, is a privately held, privately funded, group of companies - having its main base in Dublin, Ireland and subsidiaries in Malaysia and the Russian Federation.


"To empower at least one billion more people in our world - by enabling them to affordably communicate with everyone else in the world".

In particular to empower currently unconnected people and communities in Sub-urban, Rural and Remote locations - in both developing and developed nations.

The Digital Divide separates the people and communities who DO HAVE access to affordable and effective information and communication technologies & services…… from those who DO NOT.

Our services open up a broad range of opportunities. Enabling socio-economic development, knowledge, people and skills development, in ALL parts of any country.

We are taking a purposeful and relevant approach to 'bridging the digital divide' - via the delivery of regional and nationwide wireless coverage and connectivity.

The Values and Principles we always work to, in our daily interactions with everyone, are:

Ethical, Community, Cohesion, Inclusive and Communicative

Innovative, Freedom and Initiative

Enabling, Connecting, Investing in People and Partnering